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Show your bicycles, sans engines!


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I heated up the frame and froze the adapters and press plates. It still took about a ton of forced to press them into the frame.


It still took about a ton of forced to press them into the frame.



The adapters are in and the bottom bracket sealed bearing kit is installed. That’s the Shimano 600 crank arm and sprocket Paul Flaming gave me after I worked on his Volkswagen.




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This followed me home today.



It's a barely used 1987 Raleigh Technium 440. Other than a new old saddle and new tires, I'm not going to molested this one. Even leaving those damn 'Turkey Leg' brake levers and 'Jewel Snagger' shifters on there.


These were a technological breakthrough when released in 1986. The three main tubes are heat treated aluminum bonded to internal steel lugs. Not brazed or welded. The seat and chain stays, along with the front fork, are cro-mo steel. Those parts are brazed.


There were four models. The 420, 440, 460, and the 480. All models used the same frame but the higher the number, the better the parts hung on the frame.


Back when I was doing ultra-distance racing in the late 80s, early 90s, we called these bikes 'screwed and glued together' because the main tubes and internal lugs are basically Loc-tited together. Must have been an okay way because it's still together after 35 years.

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The adhesive just keeps moisture out if the joints. The tubes are pressed on hot and then shrink to grab the steel. There have been a number of weird bicycles built like this over the ages, with aluminum and steel parts shrunk and pressed together.

I put some 140mm arms on the little rainbow bike. The pedals don’t drag anymore. ;)





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