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It’s been a while since I’ve posted something but I follow regularly. I have had  my truck at my friends garage for over a year installing my front disc brake kit from Rusty Hope, the dual master cylinder from a Jeep as well as my dual carb setup. We got it running but it idles at full throttle. We tried adjusting the linkage but that didn’t help. I rebuilt the carbs a few years ago and we’re getting fuel to both carbs. Other than that I don’t know what to add. Any thoughts or questions that might help me diagnose the problem?1FF583CE-1DA7-497C-B19D-525D6EFC13F5.jpeg.4d12ef68ae96965dba207f7edfdc847c.jpeg


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You'll have to look closely to see what's prohibiting the linkage movement to close the throttle. Note the linkage rod between the cross shaft and carb #1, this may be hitting the manifold and you might have to grind out a small relief. 

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Jim, I'm curious as to why you set your throttle linkage the way you did.  I've installed the same intake manifold as you did but when it came time to fabricate the throttle linkage parts I looked at bunch of other dual carb installs and I believe all of them had the linkage set just the opposite of yours.  Here's picture of how mine is currently configured.





I'm wondering if its possible when you're pushing on the gas pedal you're actually closing the throttle plate?




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