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Need poly-v belt pulley for my project


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I posted this in the truck section but thought it might get more views up here.



The engine/pulley setup I'm starting with is a 56 plymouth but it's going into my 56 pickup.


I'm looking for suggested donors for a crank pulley.  My plan is to add a pulley sandwiched onto my existing v-belt pulley to be used to drive a power steering pump and A/C compressor.


My present setup uses a hub on the crank.  That hub as a shallow pilot protrusion that centers the single 3/8" wide belt pulley.  Pulley and hub are both drilled, hub tapped, for 6 attaching bolts.  The bolt pattern is not evenly spaced and only fits one way.


What I want to do is add a poly-v belt pulley on the front.  So I need a pulley that is not very deep overall, ideally just a 5 rib belt wide with about 5/8" protrusion to one side.  And the center hole smaller than the current belt pulley so I can open it up to precisely match the current hub.  Then redrill the attaching holes. Hole location doesn't need to be precise as long as the bolts go in since the hub centers it.


Anyone know of a pulley used by some car company that may fit that description?   The AC compressor I'm planning to use is a Denso from a 1995 Chevy Tracker,  just because it's compact, uses a narrow ( 5 rib) belt and mounts with two ears like an alternator.   And, I already have it left from a previous project.  The mounting allows it to be used as the belt adjustment point.  I'll select a solid mounting power steering pump.


I've looked at a lot of pulleys online, and a few sorta look like candidates, but none of the catalogs list actual dimensions so I thought I'd ask here

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When I saw the thread title and reading the request I originally thought you were looking for a pulley from a chrysler/Mopar/Plymouth POLYSPHERE V8 as thats what i take the "Poly" term to mean .....but I think you want whats also referred to as a "SERPENTINE BELT".........ie, one of those 1-1.5 inch wide flat belts with a 5 ribs...........so is that what you want?.......a serpentine belt pulley?..........not trying to confuse the issue, just trying to make sure of what you want.................andyd 

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  • kencombs changed the title to Need poly-v belt pulley for my project

Yes Andy, I edited the title to include belt.  I won't be using the belt in a serpentine style, just a poly-v with the AC compressor used as the tension adjustment.  I didn't realize that would not be clear.  That style belt has been around for a long time before the automotive serpentine application.   My first experience with one was on a Sears air compressor way back in the early 70s.  One of the cheap compressors with a 3450rpm motor so they used that type belt because of the small motor pulley size needed to slow the pump down. They are very efficient especially on small pulleys since they flex easily.  The donor that gave up the AC compressor used one, not in a serpentine fashion, just a plain old belt routing, '95 Geo Tracker.


The pulley may be hard to source, but it makes finding a compact power steering pump easy and I already have the AC.

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Thanks Sniper.  Only if all else fails.  I have access to local machine shop, relatives,  that can modify a stock one, but machining the actual belt face to the industry standard is a little more difficult, and requires more machine time. 

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