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Late 40s 15” wheels

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Hello to all from Australia, I managed to score some 15s for my 40 Plymouth coupe here locally off an imported 47 Plymouth coupe. I’ve had them blasted and painted only to realise that they don’t match. 3 are one style and 2 are different. 3 have the ridges near the bolt holes and an oval shaped valve hole. Along with a 3 1/2 back space. 
the other 2 are missing the ridges near the bolt hole, round valve hole and a 3 1/4 back space.

All are 15x4 1/2 wheels.

Can anybody identify what these wheels are off?

Trying to work out how to attach photos

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Do both styles have the safety bead feature?  If not, I would guess that those that don't are another make.  (I don't know when other makes adopted that feature as well, but it has always been my understanding that Chrysler invented it.)

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I have had very little experience with a '40 Plymouth, however, I can clearly recall a '40 Plym that my girl friends dad had in 1950. The '40 had 16" wheels. I know this to be a fact because the owner of the '40 Plym bought a new '50 Chevy, he traded the '40 Plym in on the Chevy, the Plym had new tires so Mr Verran gave me the new tires off of the Plym to use on my '41 Chevy. Wm.

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   I believe the P15 Plymouths switched from 16 to 15 at some time during the 1947 model year.  My 47 had 16s when I found it.  

I have changed to 15 inch Chrysler wire wheels plus have a set of correct style 15s with wide whitewall tires mounted so I can use

other setups like small original caps with various style trim rings and some 1950s style "flipper" caps.   What type of  hubcaps will

you use?  Here is a wide trim ring used with original style hubcap on my 15 inch rims.    










Caps and narrow trim rings.






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