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More Parts Hoarding...A good find!

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Made another new Mopar friend today.  Typical of all the flat head mopar people I meet. Super friendly. Helpful. Welcomed me into his home and we swapped Mopar stories. 

He has a ‘38 Dodge and a ‘38 Desoto. Both sedans. He’s making one good car from both sorta thing. He had some good used parts to move out. 

In the pile are 2 complete axle assys. From sedans so I’d wager 4.11. All steering parts, gearbox, suspension. Couple of nice solid I-beam front axles with spindles etc. Steering wheel & shaft. I got a tranny. A couple drive shafts. 2 engine blocks if I want them. They are 23.5” blocks. No good to me. 218 and 230 sized. Thinking I’ll just strip them down and save all the parts. Fittings. Plugs. Oil pressure regulators etc.  Then recycle the castings. I got all brakes, drums, backing plates etc. 

I will tear into the tranny and see what is reusable.  

All great spare stuff for my pair of 38’s.  Been a boon of a summer!







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I have a plan! Lol. Part it all out. Inventory list by part number. Store in pieces. Store by bin location. In my attic. I am already finding parts that are missing from my Plymouth! 

I wonder if the rear seal here leaks? 😛




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@SniperI just bought a brand new NOS Mopar cam on E/bay for $50 US. Proper part number cast right on it.  Cheap! However the all-new required tappets?

Ahem. Lets not talk details about what those little buggars set me back. 


I popped the tranny apart right away here. Good overall shape based on first impressions. Aside from the fact it had been hibernating for 50 years in a field I’m told. 

Great way to spend a little time on a Mopar Sunday. 



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Great job Keith.  I had a similar day yesterday.  I was in need of a rear package tray and drove out to a salvage yard that has a '54 Dodge 4D.  I'd already picked the car last year, but figured what the heck.  Well, the car still had it's package tray (score) and I also picked off a blinker lense, rearview mirror, and trunk gasket.  Congrats again on your find!

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2 hours ago, plymouthcranbrook said:

You keep up like this and you will be the northern parts house.

I’ve not been overly pleased with a some of my dealings, buying parts for my old Mopars. Some of these on-line guys are real shysters. I’m really not impressed with more than a couple transactions. Some personally. Some examples were relayed to me by my Mopar friends. 

Hoarding your own parts where possible seems to be the way to go. I’ll make room. Especially when I paid over $400 in shipping charges for 1 box from Mid-Central USA to Canada. Having 2 1938’s here it makes even more sense to me. Lots of shared parts. 

My attic is very under utilized! Yet very dark. 😃

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Well the first axle assembly I pulled apart is 3.90:1. Lol. Not what I am looting for. I assume this one probably came out of the ‘37 Desoto.  These would have had the big 25” engine. 

Clean though. Not bad. The place I picked it from, its been there for 25 years. In the snow and rain.

Onto the next axle. Should have come out of a ‘37 Dodge. Round two fishing for a 4.11. 

The Old gear oil actually is smelling sweet. I must be developing a liking to it. 




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4.11-1 for the win! 

I dunno Snipe. I have all 3 here lined up. They are all the same thickness crown gear. Stock Engines are probably only making about what? 120 hp tops? 

Left to right as shown. 
4.11, 3.90, 4.30. We have options here. 




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