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To hot to work on the truck lately but this morning I got inspired to grind the rust off the front of the frame. As I got things clean I noticed a crude shim on the back side of the front axle which was at least 1/8” thick and it looked like it has a taper. It significantly changes the geometry of the axle. It lays back quite a bit. It even bent the washers behind the shocks. The truck apparently carried a lot of weight (it says GW 8000 on the side).  If someone was trying to correct for a sagging rear end I would think they would have adjusted it the other way. I think I need to remove the shims and straighten the axle. 


Also is the pitman arm clocked somehow?  And how do you get t off?36A0DB21-F669-403C-879C-A04E9BA8D2AD.jpeg.3a455249d64a3b87fbdb34ea3913b4e8.jpeg

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That is a caster adjustment shim.  Probably added to bring that measurement into spec.  I wouldn't remove it without measuring the caster angle.

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Good to know. It sure looks like it was done on the farm. They will stay in place. 

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