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PLYMOUTH script and nose shield removal

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Hi guys - in order to continue wet-sanding/buffing out the paint, I'd like to remove the PLYMOUTH script and the shield on the nose. Even with a LED flashlight I can't tell if these are held on by threaded studs, or push on trim nuts from behind. My eyesight doesn't help. Most of the other trim is more obvious to me, but I would really like to NOT break anything if possible. Is there ANY access below the hood release mechanism panel to get to the PLYMOUTH lettering? Thanks in advance!



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sorry...I did not record that data.....am thinking 5/16 but as stated...that is only my thought....I do recall using stainless hardware on the refit...which is 5/16 I know.




now that you have me thinking more on this...I recall a bit of difficulty trying to remove the script while in place as the bolts that are used to mount all the panels in this area are offering up interference of getting to the the script retainers.

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I grabbed a bunch of plastic tool boxes at the Dollar Tree and I use these for the special cut, bent, fabricated tools for each of the cars here and set them aside so hopefully one day when in need, I will know where they are.  Seems each vehicle has a couple special items fabricated/modified to do a particular job...

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