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Looks suspisciously like something  IHC would have put out in the 50's,to me.


There were reasons they didn't sell that had nothing to do with reliability.

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3 minutes ago, Veemoney said:

I like it just not $25k worth of like though. 🙂



That guy is an optimist,ain't he?

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 if it is solid and as well done as some of the pictures make it to be the price of the car marker today does not pace it much over the top for a 50's SUV......they did not sell many as they did not make many....some 150 sport wagons total....maybe some 1200 total Powell's made during their heyday....these are probably not in great demand...but they have a following and you would be surprised at the survivability of these vehicles....if ugly was expenisve....no one could afford these things...acutally it could turn out to be a real good deal....calculations place it at about 6.25 a pound......I yield the floor now....

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