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1940 Plymouth Glove Box Release Button


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Hello all, I just picked up a new to me 1940 Plymouth P10.  It is an older restoration that has good bones, but needs some love.  Anyway, when I tried to access the glove box the push button release basically fell out onto the floor.  I was able to collect all of the parts which included the button, strikers, and a thin metal retaining clip which I think is supposed to keep the button from all.  I tried to reinstall the button/striker and can't figure out where the retaining clips goes.  I searched the forum, my shop manual, and the interweb and couldn't find any information.  Any help would be great.  Below are pictures.









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Hello Dave. Good to hear that there is another Plymouth in your collection!

As far as that button goes, here is my two cents worth. I feel that you are dealing with a button that was never going to work well in the first place. In other words, if it worked at all it was there only cosmetically. The good thing I see is that you DO have the correct chromed bezel on the door.  These mechanisms can still be found, but sometimes the bezel is not with the assembly. So you are a step ahead of the game.

I will try to go back through some archived photos I took of mine and attach them to this thread. This may take a bit of time, as I am not sure exactly what storage disk I have them on.

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