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I am helping my neighbor with her father's 1952 Chevy. She had it shipped out her from Alabama. She wants to fix it up and sell it. It's been sitting for at least 8 years. The car is in pretty good shape. So far I inflated the tires and threw a battery in it. It turned over quiet easily though couldn't get it to fire.

Gas tank is shot.  

No brakes.

It will be an interesting side project.

I'll post my progress..






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I’ll be watching.  My first good car was a 52 chevy with a 53 235 from a powerglide car, first full pressure lubed 235.  

is this a standard or PG?   Pg would be 235. But not pressure lubed in 52.   Of course like mopar in those years every thing interchanged 216/235, 49 through 62 so could be anything. 

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I had a nice 52 Chevy Deluxe 30 years ago.  It was a nice original car with the fender skirts.  6v push button start, and didn't have any water/weather leaks.

Good luck on your project!

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My dad had the 1953 Belair but he traded it for a new one in 56.


I was just a baby, so I don’t remember the 53 at all, but he said that car had lots of torque and a weak universal joint. 


Or rather it had amazing traction, and with rough driving, people could easily ruin the joint.


Anyhow this is a very popular style of car around here.

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Posted (edited)

Spent a couple more hours on the car this afternoon. It's  a solid car. No rust in trunk or rocker panels. Pulled the gas tank. It has several pin holes in it. Dripping that noxious, black, gooie stuff that old gas turns into.

Tried to get it to fire with no success.

I noticed many new parts on it. New voltage regulator, points, condenser, coil and spark plugs... someone has been working on it in the last few years.

Next visit I will check timing, points gap and see if I can get it to fire up.

I believe it's a Styeline deluxe 1952




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Looks like a 1952 Styeline deluxe with the 216 with three speed on the column. No badges for the power glide.


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