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Thanks to the site and everyone!

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Well it was a bitter sweet day today, I had listed my truck thinking it would take awhile to sell, but I had someone here 12 hours later and they took it away today.  

It was time for a new adventure and that meant a lot near the lake and a trailer to go on it, so the other toys had to go.


I just wanted to thank everyone here for the years of knowledge and help and debate and general discussion, it was crucial to my success with the truck, and I hope in that time I also helped out a few other members.


I don’t see myself trolling here much anymore, I’m thinking that might be a downer for me, but I’m sure once in a blue moon I’ll stop by 



niftyfifty...aka Shane 


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Change is good. You helped a lot here.....maybe you'll try another era Dodge and see us here again. If not....by all means, thanks for all the help and input to others! Good Luck my friend.



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Wow Shane! Congrats on the new adventure! (Although you suck for selling your truck and leaving us 😁)

I have appreciated your input and sense of humor over the years. 

wish we could have been at the same BTT50’s 


keep on truckin my friend!

Brent -Oregon 


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Congrats on your new adventures!  Thanks for all the insight you've provided in the past!


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Hey Guys,

Well I was feeling bad and had an urge to build something to remember my truck by, and I’ve wanted a propane fire table at the lake, so I built this little beauty…218 flathead fire breather.  I figure like my truck is a complete custom and you aren’t likely to see one like it.


One thing that did anger me in this build, in all my time and multiple past engines I never found a road draft tube bypass kit, or the special oil filler neck with the collection canister on it to dump the breather oil…this engine had it all, and would have saved a lot of under body oiling on my truck.


enjoy and take care guys!




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Best use of an old flathead block I've ever seen.....awesome job!

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14 hours ago, Frank Elder said:

I want to see pictures of fish musky, Pike, smallies or whatever you hook!😁

24” Walleye on yesterday’s outing…lol but the flathead only gets to cook marshmallows and hotdogs 😆


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