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Anchor bolt removal - 57 D100 - flathead 6

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Is there a tool that I can use on the front side of the anchor bolt facing me to keep the bolt itself from turning as I unloosen the back side castlenut?


I had no problem removing the short anchor bolt. However with the long bolt, I have gotten to the point that the bolt also turns when I try to unloosen the castlenut.


I am going to try using vice grips to hold the bolt next. Let me know please what is the best route to take.





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I have used a large crescent wrench to get more leverage on the bolt, then worked the nut back and forth to break the crud off the threads then clean off the threads.  It probably would not hurt to tighten the nut back on the bolt and clean the threads with a steel bristle brush, lubricate with Marvel Mystery Oil and try loosening the nut again...probably will have to repeat this procedure several times.  On old fasteners, mating surfaces have deteriorated, leaving more space for crud to accumulate, causing the threads to get in a bind with crud when trying to break them free after years of corrosion buildup. 

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Probably know this, and want to remove the bolts for cleaning, painting, etc, but you don't have to remove them in order to remove the brake shoes.  Notice the retaining ring in the front anchor bolt.  (None in the rear anchor bolt.)

Anchor bolts.JPG

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