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Old Mopar Travelogue this Thursday evening

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Our old Mopars were built tough!


In March 2012, my good friend Jerry de Jong and I loaded up the '47 D25 (Canadian) and set out from Edmonton, AB for Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, the furthest north one can drive in mainland Canada. They finally built an all-weather road into Tuk a few years ago; when we did this run, the last 112 miles were a four-month ice road up the Mackenzie River and along the Beaufort Sea.


Four years earlier, we had driven down to Wyoming to meet up with a few cross-country vintage cars and convoy with them to San Francisco.  In 2010 we drove the old heap to Hershey, PA then on to New Jersey, more or less down the east coast to Florida, and back home via TX and Pike's Peak. We connected with a few Forum members along the way, and particularly enjoyed a grand Southern Forum Gathering at Plymouthy Adams' Georgia Estate (P.A. was also kind enough to put up the Dodge for a bit when I had to scoot home for family business.)  Anyway, having visited three of North America's four coasts, the only logical next thing was to give the old flathead its first ever rebuild then set our sights on Canada's Far North.


I do a one-hour presentation on our journey to Tuktoyaktuk, including a bit of the car's history, the 2011 engine rebuild, our preparations for extended travel in remote areas at -30° temperatures, and various sights and characters of interest along the way. I've told the story numerous times, live, over the years; Thursday will be the first on Zoom.


I hope you can tune in this Thursday evening at 7:00 Pacific Time. For more details and how to access through Zoom, click the Blue Banner above or here.


Chris Bamford


Teaser photos:  Double glazing the windshield;  Are the gas cans full?;  Car show at Canada's northernmost gas bar;  We tour this building.




Double Glazing.jpg


Next services 370 km.jpg


Tuk Gas Bar.jpg


Tuk shack.jpg

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