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COE owners............... A little help

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Sure, you ask that when the highs are barely above 0 F right now  😲....right now it's -18F 😬 so....I can look later today and get you a pretty good idea what is in PUMA.

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Yes, they did use the relative scale in the C series trucks.

However, the C series went back to the 4 across style gauge

housing that the B1 and B2 trucks used. These gauges won't

fit that style housing. They will only fit '51-'53 two over two housings.

They won' fit the pre '48 housing either.




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9 hours ago, B1B Keven said:

Interesting. I have a complete original gauge with the C-H face

that's about 45" long. Standard cab measurement is about 31".


Thanks Mark.


It was cold, COLD!  I used a length of wire to approximate the lengths under the cab, behind the firewall and behind the dash.   Remember, that this has a LOT farther to go as it has to go from the back of the block to past mid block, then up (UP) the firewall and then back to the gauge.  Once its above zero I might be able to get a letter length, but they say it will be another week!  😬

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Not sure this helps Keven, but thought I'd post it in case it does.


(51/52)-53 was the Red Ram 241ci V8 for Dodge.....considered a smaller Hemi.

The 331 was was a more typical Hemi (bigger) for most Chrysler products.

Not all trucks could get a Hemi but could get a "Semi-Hemi" in the form of the 270(Dodge) Poly Engine starting in 1955.


Note 1 : A lot of Dodge guys like the Red Ram for its size (smaller, "easy" to fit in) and being the first Dodge Hemi. 

Note 2 : If you have 270 Poly, Hemi heads can be fitted to it, along with the rest of the top end to make it a Hemi.


Good Hemi Article


Good Poly Article


Good Dodge History



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like I said, give me a few days.....today's high is supposed to be about -5F....by next weekend we are supposed to see above 0....honestly tho, I LOVE this weather.....but I need to be able to feel my fingers to do this.  I'll see how this weekend "feels"....I might just clip it off and pull it out as the engine will be replaced anyway (6bt or 7liter Cummins) and it's likely bad anyway.

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I know the V-8's were offered in the cars. My dad had a '53 Coronet with the Hemi.

Don't clip the temp gauge! If it's intact, chances are it's still good. :)

Maybe the 45" gauges are for the big trucks? Semi's?

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8 hours ago, B1B Keven said:

Thanks Mark. I wonder where the 45" gauge came from.

no idea, I know 45" would not cut it on a COE....WAY too far to go!

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