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Rosy and Billy


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I am actually an old newby.  I joined the P15 D24 forum in 2016, I never posted and only browsed.  Lately I have asked a question or two and was asked why don't you post a picture.  Well to be honest, I didn't know how.  My grand daughter gave me a lesson and now I am going to try.  This is my Plymouth which I have owned for twenty five years.  I had a 41 Plymouth when I was 14 and traded it for a 47 when I was 17.  Traded it when I was 21 but always wished I hadn't,  Forty one years later I located another 47 and bought it.  It is the one in the picture.  Her nickname is Rosy.  Rosy and I have spent many hours together.  Her back wheel wobbles a little and she leaks some, but we all do some as we get older.  In the 21 years between the 47's I restored a 1922 Dodge coupe, a 1926 Ford roadster, and owned a Plymouth pick up.  I enjoy the P15 D24 page.





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I usually just post tech related stuff and just when I am sure it is not blabla (so also not too many posts in the few years I am a member), but I enjoyed your words so much, that I had to reply. Especially "...wobbles a little and she leaks some..." made my day 😊

Really nice history and super nice Rosy !!! 👍

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Welcome!  Very nice car, glad you surfaced, and got the photo posting figured out, now there's not much of an excuse to post more photos when you get a chance 😉 


We had a wobbly wheel on our D24 since we owned it.  Turns out the rim was bent at the center where it wasn't obvious (other than when the tire was rolling).  

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