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What 1 barrel carbs are people using on dual intakes?

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I frankly don't know anything about the various 1 barrel carbs. I'd like to use the Offy dual 1 barrel intake on my 230 (after the rebuild), but I don't know what carbs to use. Should I find another one like the single that is on the motor now? Is there a better choice?



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I believe the serial number for the Dual carbs is  E7U1, E7U2....but that's for the 301, 331, 377.

Try that in the old search engine and maybe it will lead you to a disussion on th 218, 230's.

Unless you have one of those bad boys....lol



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The answer is: It varies. 

Some people just run 2 of the same carb that was originally equipped on the engine (Make sure they match!!) - this is what is in my 48 Plymouth.

Some people search out for carbs used in the factory dual carb setups - not an easy task - and some parts are quite hard to find now. - I have a set of these, but have not ran them yet. That vehicle is still under construction. 


Some people use brand new Daytona UN2 carbs - they are basically manufactured as vintage 1 barrel carb replacements. These are the carbs that were on the car that did the Peking to Paris race not that long ago.... until then I wouldn't have considered them as an option, but it running a road race across 2 continents makes me want to take a closer look at them. 

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Wow, those are batshit crazy expensive. I'm looking on ebay for some  Stromberg BXOV-2 carbs. I got that from another forum as a recommendation. Same website suggested that two stock carbs might be too rich, but then what's the diff also. Rejet.


If I can get two matched Strombergs I'll think about it, otherwise I'll be looking for another stock one I guess.

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On 2/23/2021 at 12:33 PM, John-T-53 said:

If you go with the Ball & Ball that was originally used on a single carb setup, you'll need to install smaller main jets. 





Any suggestions as to what size main jets should be used in a dual B&B setup?   Enquiring minds need to know..... :)



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