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New guy, just want to say hello , a thank you & a couple questions. (-:

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Wanted to introduce myself & a Thank you for such a wealth of information on this forum. 
  We have a 1948 dodge D25C CL Coupe made in Windsor , Ontario, Canada. 
  We bought it & a couple of parts cars over 35 years ago, been sitting in the shop covered up ever since , waiting for the right time to start getting it road worthy. 
   My first question is how do I go about posting a picture along with my message. 
  I’m just using a cell phone but when I go to add a picture it says that I have exceeded 

 3 MB ?  🤷🏼‍♂️
   Thank you 👍

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Welcome. I found by sending that picture to yourself it converts it to smaller file. Then save said picture(s) and you can attach them via add files prompt from your downloaded files in your phone......if any of that makes sense.....😊

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View the photo with your phone. Snap a screen shot of the same photo. Tweak the photo if needed. Crop it if needed. The screen shot will now be saved in the folder with all your other photos, however it will now be a much smaller sized file.  Lower resolution. Use that photo to attach to your message and post it here.

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Welcome to the group.

I am just down the highway from you, I’m in Saskatoon.

I have a 1950 Dodge Special Deluxe.

I downloaded your picture and reloaded it.



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Welcome to the group! We don't bite... too hard. 😁


A quick tech note: The picture you posted came in as an HEIC file which is specific to Apple phones and can only be read by, I believe, a Mac product. If you can try to post as a jpeg, gif, png, or other common format. I believe there are settings in your iphone to do this (it may be under image options and you would select "greater compatibility")


For posting pictures I have a complicated workaround that involves using google images and lots of right clicking. I don't advise it. The old days of free photo hosting on photobucket etc, are gone. Everybody wants your money now.

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