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The story behind the 80s D/W-series getting the Cummins was that after Dodge engineers figured out the technical problems with making the Torqueflite heavy duty enough to handle all that torque, they ran into cracks in the frame during long-term testing, even after they beefed up the 100k steel frame.  This was crucial in the development of the 90s BR-series frame as it was being designed to accommodate the Cummins and the upcoming truck version of the Viper V-10.  Gearheads have shoehorned diesels like the 6bt into older trucks, the B-series as well, but I have not heard any long-term updates on these projects, presumably because as soon as their projects are completed enough, these guys are off enjoying their new rides.  Who knows if any of these "successful" projects developed the same problems as the Dodge engineers ran into decades ago ...my guess is that they did, but none of these guys wants to admit that they ran into the serious problem of frame failure after producing a vintage buggy with an awesome rattling powerplant...

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Im very slowly working on a 4bt in my B1B. its about 300lbs lighter. i know mark has a thread started title TODD, about swapping his cab onto a newer dodge frame with 6bt if youre looking for ideas. ive seen 6bts shoved into different old trucks at car shows but there was heavy firewall modification and never had a chance to talk with the owners. 

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I have decided to proceed with my 6bt swap into the 48 B1F.  I knew at the onset the firewall would need to be doghoused and im fine with that.  I will rubber mount the engine and trans and it will be 2wd still so no twisting and bouncing on the frame.  Ive discussed the swap with a few and all seem to agree it will be fine in this application.  I cant wait to get actually working on it.  Thanks for the follow up, its nice to hear peoples input.

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