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1946 Dodge WC 1/2 Ton Pickup

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If you use the search function here.   "slant 6 conversion"  using the brackets help a lot. or "petronix" You will find all kinds of information.


You can use a slant 6 distributor and your stock distributor, combine them and make a electronic ignition using parts you can replace from autozone if needed.


petronix is a easy conversion, basically replace the points in your distributor with a petronix signal switch. They have been around forever, they have a good name. If something did go out, would need to order online for replacement parts.


Very over simplified description but just to give you a idea.

Staying with stock points and condenser is fine also, just getting tougher to find good replacement parts as all made over seas.

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I am installing a Vintage Air Gen 4 System in my original 46 Dodge, Flat Head.  The 6V system is being rewired to 12V.


QUESTION:  To set up the belt driven a/c compressor 1.) Is there an additional pulley for two belts,  or plan on just a longer belt for alternator & compressor?


2.)  Is there a bracket to mount the compressor to the flathead 6; i'm checking with Vintage Air.


3.)  Is there an after market shroud that mounts to my 46 Dodge that I can add to help draw better airflow?  Or do I have to design on my own?


4.)  Should I replace the existing 4 leaf fan with a five leaf?


5.)  I have room behind the grill where the condenser will go so should I just add electric fans in front to solve air flow?





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You're talking about adding an option to an engine that really doesn't have much aftermarket support for those types of items.  I'm not sure if brackets to convert just an alternator exists commercially let alone a combo alternator and ac compressor mount and there aren't a lot of places on that engine to bolt brackets to.  I think most of those that have converted to alternators have built their own or modified the existing gen bracket.  AC generates extra heat so a shroud (probably will have to make) would be a minimum and the electric fans would be a plus as well as a fresh, new radiator.  AC compressors can also pull hard and will require a reasonable amount of wrap around the pulley to prevent slippage and may be more tension than you want to run on the original water pump so I'd suggest a separate drive belt.

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As Dave said, likely making your own brackets, pulleys, shrouds, and mounting hardware.  These badboys aren't as popular as the Ferds and Chebbies so get left out in the cold for that stuff.

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