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Correct fender skirts for 48 Special Deluxe?


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I would like to purchase fender skirts for my 48. However, I have found 2 different styles available, and neither looks as though they will fit my fenders. I'm posting a couple of pictures in case my fenders are incorrect. The color under the black is the same as the rest of the car, but I guess you never really know. Hopefully you guys can take a look and see if we can determine what I need to be looking for. One style of skirts looks like the wrong overall shape. The other just does not look as though it would fit the inward curve at the rear of the wheel arch. Thanks for taking a look and in advance for your help.

20200913_123620 (Medium).jpg

20200913_123650 (Medium).jpg

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there are a few prominent styles.....there are the overlays that I think cheapen the look of the car as they cover the opening and lay against your paint job...you have those that will fit the opening and have seals between the metal to metal and locking tabs behind the panels....then you have a company making glass skirts that are GROOVED to slip in from below and lock on the fender opening and bolt at both outer corners....so yes you will first have to decide on the look...then the style and then your pocketbook could have a final say in the purchase....

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But does the fender look correct for 48? The ones I see are flat, while the rear of my fender curves in very far , making flat skirts an impossible fit. The other ones I see curve in like my fender, but are more rounded at the top than my fender opening is.

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Your fenders are correct.
I fitted steel skirts on my car but when I got them they were too flat (like you describe) so I took them to a panel man and had the rear faces re-shaped, to hug the fender.
Couple of pictures attached. Hope they help.

IMG_2117 edit.jpg


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My skirts were purchased secondhand and missing mounting hardware, so I had to invent some attaching pieces.

The skirts do not have much curvature to them, but fit my fender ok.   I did go so far as to add two small sheet metal

screws at the top edge to make sure they were secure in light of the missing attachment pieces.   Painted

heads of the screws to match car.  I'm sure a few people may have noticed those screws, but no one ever actually

commented on them.   So....not exactly correct, but got the job done.   And, as you can see in Robin's photo,

he has added a cool '41 Buick trim piece.  If your fenders indeed have too much "bulge" then you may need the service

of a good body man to re-shape the skirts.    There are numerous brands and styles of skirts---all were aftermarket far as I know.

The majority seem to be the overlay style.

  Your fenders appear to be original and correct.








Fender without skirt....



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