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1940 dodge coupe front suspension

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Hello to everyone 

I have an opportunity to purchase a front suspension from a 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook with all new components at a good price

Can someone tell me if it would fit my 1940 Dodge business coupe

It looks the same except for the upper control arms , on my Dodge they are a cast steel and on the Plymouth they stamp steel welded together

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I have installed MOOG aftermarket cast steel upper control arms on my Oz 1940 Dodge which uses the Plymouth wheelbased chassis, essentially the same as your Dodge........my lower control Arms are original 1940 as is the spindle, however the stub axle is the 41-54 style like what you have on the 1951 Plymouth..........I also had an original shaped sway bar made but 1" thick with adjustable links............an issue you may find if you swap in the lower arms is connecting the sway bar links as the arrangement is different from 1940 to 1951 and thats why i kept the original style sway bar setup but I'm not 100% certain in that regard.............see attached pics..........andyd 




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Thanks Andydodge 

So what your telling me is that the 51 Plymouth suspension will have no problem fitting on my 40 Dodge 

Other then the sway bar 

The suspension from the Plymouth also comes with the hub ,brake drums and brakes and suspension springs

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Yep, the suspension attachment points, ie,the upper inner & lower inner pins with their bushes are the same from 1940 to 1954/55, the sway bar attachment is different so you may have to use your 1940 spindle but the king pins are the same 1939 to 1954/55 so then you use the 51 stub axle and king pin assembly and brakes.........take note of the lower outer pin & bush as there are 2 sizes of rubber seal that have an internal hex that fits the actual lower outer hexed head of the "bush" that screws into the spindle........from my fiddling the bush ID for the pin and the OD to screw into the spindle are the same but there are 2 different sized hex heads on that bush...........   

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