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Coil spring question

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It's a short story that I can make longer, but I won't.  I currently have my brother-in-law's 1957 Ford Custom sedan to work on.  The vast majority of issues it has I've dealt with on other cars, but there are two twist-in blocks, that look like they're made for this, in the driver's side coil spring.  I know they're there to increase the ride height.  They're only on the one side, though, and that side is noticeably higher than the passenger side.  What I don't know is "why"?, although I suspect the car was in an accident long ago.  Do you'uns think it's a good bet that the spring is no good?  (Of course, that would entail replacing both front coils.)  And what else should I check?  I'm hoping there is no severe damage that this is trying to overcome.  The biggest challenge in fixing this car are all the Mickey Mouse repairs that have been done to it over the years, this being one of them.  I'm not planning on doing anything on the car that will immobilize it until winter sets in, so there's no rush, just trying to get my ducks in a row before I start the big projects on it.  

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It may have had those on both sides at one time.  They are notorious for popping out, especially if the owner tried a Dukes of Hazard stunt, even unintentionally.  I'd just pull them out and drive it a bit, then measure the ride height on both sides.

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