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21 minutes ago, Sniper said:

I do have a question, with all that chrome and shiny bits on the dash, how do you keep the sunlight from glaring in your eyes?

Outside sunvisor.  We didn't have one on our D24 for the first year we had it.  Drove it all around El Paso and had the same problem as you mention - multiplied by all that chrome and a painted dash.  Found a Fulton sunshield on a junk P15 on a ranch in Hudspeth County - problem solved.  Keeps the interior a tad cooler, too.  The sun isn't such an issue now that we're up north, and the sunshield is a bit of an anomaly in these parts.      

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On 4/15/2022 at 6:29 PM, Sniper said:


Well, I am surprised you found any people, much less a P15, in Hudspeth county,  at one time it was the least populated county in all 50 states. 

Can confirm.  I found a lot of "stuff" in the willywags of Hudspeth County - probably because there aren't a lot of people there.  Got the cowl beltline trim for our D24 off a derelict one out there, too.  Loving County had taken over the "least populated" title by the time we left the southwest in 2003.


Just checked - Loving County is still the least populated county in the U.S.

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  • 6 months later...

quality workmanship. I noticed how the upholster also lined up the stripes onthe panel with the stripes on the arm rests.


This shows that the person does quality work.


I like what you have done.


Rich Hartung

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More assembly today. 

Dome light and switch.   Rear 1/4 window garnishes.


Also assist straps.  Not standard on the club coupe,  but I found these NOS at Hershey a few years ago. Then the chrome screw cover buttons at a vendor. 


Hardest was two tiny clips the sit under the screw head and hold the button in place.

Mike at Obsolete ( old Mitchell's  )  found them on a junker in his yard. 


Anyway, I love the look.





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Hi Marc!

The door cards and rear 1/4 panels. Visors and arm rests.

$1,450.  I supplied the fabric.

Fabric was purchased several years ago and I forget the cost.


Seats: seats I had done 10 years ago .  Over $4,000.


Should have shopped that around but rookie mistake.  They're beautiful but $$$.





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You did not pay too much.  That's less than the going prices I've heard of in Calif.  Maybe I will pay less because my 3 window coupe only has one seat?  Another thing is there aren't many upholstery shops around anymore.  I was talking to a guy in his 80s who was retired, but still did work on the side.  I really appreciate your detailed photo journal of your progress on this car, which is so similar to my 48 DeSoto!  

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That's good to hear glad I did it then 10 years ago and wrapped them up.


I will say Marc, that it took 7 months for this shop to take my work.   The only other long time shop with a great reputation didn't want to work at all.


Neither had done this type of work in years.


However he had lots of fun doing it and it shows in the work manship.


Side note: the guy that did the seats for me 10 years ago I saw on chasing classic cars with Wayne Carini.

he works in Connecticut at his shop now.

 An English fellow ,I forgot his name




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Clay: i am so jealous of your car.  I know it has taken you a long time to get it put back together but the wait has been worth the time.  May be one day i will get the 39 Desoto done.  Right now we will be starting a total kitchen remodel and will be gutting the entire kitchen.


I got the car 35 years ago so now its time for the wife to get her dream come true. She has been patiently waiting. Still picking out some new table and lights but the really hard work was done just trying to pickout the style of cabinets.


Have a Happy Turkey Day and go out a admire your car.


You long time Miller Tool buddy.


Rich Hartung


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Thank you Rich,


Same here . New kitchen this year . Wife happy.


Loooong project, but just kept at it.   Lots of help here and local contacts made all the difference. 


Still more to go.  Tweaking some leaks in the heater plumbing now.  Then seat belts next.


Damn cold in the garage now !


Happy Thanksgiving  all !


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