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Pedal/Firewall misalignment

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My 1954 half ton is in fine shape, but the clutch and brake pedals both drag on one side of the firewall hole. It appears that the body may be misaligned by about an inch.

I can recut the holes to provide relief, or

Try to loosen the mounts and move the body over a little, or

Try to move the part that the pedals pivot on.

I've had sloppy pedals due to worn bushings, but these are nice and tight. They just don't agree with the holes in the firewall.

Any thoughts or experiences ?

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Between the cab mounts and the front and rear engine mounts there is a fair amount of fine tuning that can be done. I had mine apart for over a year and ran into stuff like this. I found that a "little here and a little there" methodology worked well to correct things like this.


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