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Windshield Gasket

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Hey folks ... yes I have another gasket question on my quest to keep my car sealed up from the elements.  I have been looking into replacing the windshield gasket on my '50 Coronet (with chrome trim) and see there are two options out there.  Mopar-Direct has a two piece which looks like you have to size cut and fit yourself (and drill holes for the chrome trim on the vertical positions for $100 (the first two pictures), and Steele Rubber has a one piece already drilled gasket for roughly $230 (the third picture).  I am leaning toward the SR solution.  Thoughts?



MD Gasket2.jpg

MD Gasket.jpg

SR Gasket.jpg

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Thanks for the feedback.  I am leaning that direction so I don't have to worry about cutting and trimming a rubber seal for fit.  I am assuming there is no sealant required.  You just use the rope to get the seal over the lip of the window cutout and the trim holds everything in place.

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It would be best for you to read the factory install methods as to method they recommend as it Not the same as other Mopar years/brands especially when the chrome trim is part of the install.


I know that it certainly is for a rear glass on a 50 Plymouth.


One opinion,



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I used a steele rubber gasket and used 3M bedding compound for the pinch weld channel and 3M glazing compound for the windshield. It was a number of years ago but that was the stuff that they recommended using. It's the kind of job that you only want to do once so it's cheap insurance against leaks even though the stuff is expensive.

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Star Grinder,

Steel is the Best, however, You will need to chase the holes over again for the Division Bar Gasket (Center Gasket).

Clear Sealer 3M works best and is almost imperative or there will be leaks. Use a water hose and test it once sealer is dry.


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