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Well seems some still can't play by the rules so I'm going to make it easy...

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Start or join in a thread that has a hint of political or religious bias (left or right, I don't care) it will be deleted. As I have said many times before their exists many, many other forums to discuss your political/religious leanings. This is not one of them. Don't like the rule, go somewhere else. This is car site first and when people start injecting their political opinions other people get angry or feel alienated. Please focus on keeping the dialog welcoming and family friendly. 

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I personally have had enough of the one sided administrative control. It seems like I have to put up with all the left side Dumb *** comments but when ever a “True” comment is made the topic suddenly gets deleted because it’s “political”.   I AM DONE. This is the only site I look at, and this will be my last post.  I will not be stalking or ever open this site again. I have made some Very good friends through this site and they all know how to contact me.  Thanks for all the education with Dodge trucks, it’s been a fun ride. 

Todd B. 

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Man, I am  naïve, I either ignore or don’t see the political or religious content. Where does it usually show up? The car side, truck side or OT?


Todd, life is too short, take a break and come back.... I know you can hear me 😊

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19 hours ago, P15-D24 said:

Start or join in a thread that has a hint of political or religious bias (left or right, I don't care) it will be deleted.

I will agree with you on this. Only possible thought I have around this, create a new category   "current events" 


It could work, or it could turn into a disaster.

On a good note, we are all adults and some here have more experience of being a adult ... then others. .... I can see where it could go sideways quick ... same time I do not think any long time regulars want to start political or religious issues with another.


What you have created here is something unique. And I love you for it. I can see where you would want to nip it at the bud and be sure it never comes back.


While at the same time, you could just open another category and let us old ornery cuss battle it out ... if we chose to do so?

I honestly think there would be some great conversation going there. I think we are all a adult ... enough to police ourselves. I suspect there may be times a moderator may need to step in ... I am thinking it would not be as much as you think. Unless you get a bunch of outside trolls.

Just a idea.

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I had to get off of the HAMB years ago because of the toxic ppl on there who would go off the reservation with their nastiness over the simplest question or comment...it got to be that if anything was posted on there, those knuckleheads would go all FLAME ON and it sucked the fun out of site participation...


I appreciate the efforts to keep this site focused on the automotive restoration hobby, it's the only reason that I participate because it's one of the few sources of recreation that I have available...all the inflated egos, sanctimonious attitudes and self-righteous opinions can pollute the rest of the internets for all I care, I just want to keep on truckin' :cool:

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2 minutes ago, JBNeal said:

And the name for that category should be called THUNDERDOME  💣

I have to admit you are a pretty snappy dresser, while you show no facts, I think your opinion has no facts and simply "A" opinion ....  and exactly why I was 100% wrong on why we could be adults.

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...Always beware when asking for an opinion...How about this, (borrowed image from Nickpick), "Mad Max Furry Road" 😉



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