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I am trying to create a garden space from a blank canvas. Kinda crazy, city lot, house built in 1948. No real landscaping plan ever. We all got to start somewhere.


I feel like my house/property is a survivor ... like buying a 1950 Dodge that was maintained and never messed with.

Now it is up to me to make it mine.


Bought the house about 4 years ago, first year just get by, 2nd year major plumbing replacement, 3rd year I put in the first garden boxes.... This year am going for the garden shed, creating the garden area allowing for expansion.

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We lived at this spot for about 15 years. We built the deck, the retaining walls, the fences too, ourselves. We started from scratch and landscaped everything. It was a wonderful relaxing spot. It was

This is the other side of the party shed

This a picture of one of our “rock” gardens. Hope it counts.   I am done for the day and we just put steaks on the wood fired grill.  My friends always say we are crazy for all of our lawn and out

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We always had a garden when we lived on the farm. It took up about an acre. Lots of kids meant lots of gardening, canning, etc. My parents, having grown up in the early 20th century and accustomed to hard times; never gave up on those habits. 


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On 4/12/2021 at 2:46 PM, Plymouthy Adams said:

You are right Los, it is a bit of work prepping the garden space.

I am really surprised this year ....



Maybe the new location ... maybe my activity in the area building the barn? The birds have not bothered my plants.

My tomatoes are past flowering and fruit now ... Last year birds ate every flower off every plant.



This little barn was a lot of work to me, but will be a great help while pretending to be a gardener.

To move forward I need to finish paint, fence off the garden area to keep the dogs out.  I will run water to it. Also electricity. I have way to many galvy panels left over. I will be adding  compost bins, raised beds ... sitting area.

Not sure the job will ever end in 100 years.





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