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Robin (UK)

1959 Volvo - 1948 Plymouth

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I've enjoyed reading the comments on another thread, comparing P15 Plymouth and 1950s Volvo styling.
So, for a bit of fun, I thought I'd share this photo of 1950s doowop group, The Medallions, posing with my '48 Plymouth coupe, way back in 2000 when I brought them to the UK to perform at our Rhythm Riot Festival.
I did my best to recreate the picture in the style of the famous promo for their 1959 hit, '59 Volvo'.
Here's a link to the song...


Medallions 2000.jpg


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46 minutes ago, falconvan said:

Those Volvos are pretty cool.


They represent a very unique line of car for Europe and were and actually still quite popular yet today.  They can be expensive to find in turn key and still a modest investment in project form.  I looked long and hard to find one and came across this one for a excellent price as a running model.  It is in the queue is all I am going to say for now.....lol     Pic as I found it and loaded it up.....The strap across the hood was redundant...as it hinges forward.....duh moment but par of a standard process I use when towing an unknown home....The Duett, wagon body based on this model is even a more rare and expensive adventure and a favorite of mine.  


I have two build ideas going on this and not sure which will win out......I vision this as a rear seat removed and inner structure welded in to make it a business coupe...it is as designed should easily transform to this build.  I don't need no stinking family car.....



loading 3 (2).JPG

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Nice! It is a family car but just for you and your sweetheart. Date night two seater, no kiddos allowed.

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Here's one I had years ago.  Big plans for a little Red Ram Hemi that never happened.  Wish I still had it.


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