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Jim Shepard

Automatic Transmission

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1 hour ago, Jim Shepard said:

Assuming you were to put an automatic in your truck, which one would want and why?

I wrestled with that decision and ultimately it came down to the A833 I'm using.  #2 selection was a  non-electronic version of the A500.  Essentially an A904 with OD added.  518 was third choice.  Some version of an OD was mandatory in my mind as I wanted to retain the ability to pull a trailer (lower rear gears) and have good acceleration in traffic yet cruise at a lower rpm.


The 500 smaller, lighter, uses slightly less HP to operate and is strong enough for my use. If I needed a stronger auto it would have been the 518.


In the end, I decided to go with a manual and chose the A833 over the more popular T5.  Tough trans and it's Mopar.



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3 hours ago, Jim Shepard said:

So the A833 is a manual? And your engine is a stock flat tie?



Almost stock flattie.  Manifold  and block ports gasket matched and ports cleaned up a bit.  Head milled a bunch, then the chamber modified around the valve and spark plug area.  Wound up at about 8.9: 1 ratio.  Stock intake modified to accept a small two barrel Carter BB2 originally on a 273 V8.

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2 hours ago, 48Dodger said:

Try Wilcap Transmission adapters.


If you go to the home page they have a list of many adaptions many different engines.




And don't forget if going with a Mopar trans, there are factory mounting plates for later trans to 230 blocks used in a lot of industrial stuff, airport tugs etc.  They show up on ebay every so often. 


If one just wanted an auto for convenience, with not much interest in acceleration, there's always the Powerflite.  Good solid trans, fairly light weight and bolts on.  Two speeds only, but very good torque multiplication in the converter.

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Well, if I were looking to go automatic this is the path I would pursue:


  • Wilcap flattie to GM adapter
  • GM TH200-4R.  It's essentially the same size as a TH350, has good ratios (2.74 1st, .67 OD), and can certainly handle the power range required.  You would have to figure out the TV cable, but I don't think that's an insurmountable task.  Lots and lots of aftermarket support for that transmission and reasonably easy to find.
  • Deep rear end gears.  Like 4.56 or 4.88 depending on tire size.

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