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1950 P-19 Plymouth Fastback UK

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Hi Everyone


Thought I would share  'Peppa' with you, she's our 1950 two door Sedan Fastback and has been in the shop since August 2019 to get all the rust taken out, brakes sorted etc etc so far we're looking at new window rubbers, inner cills, boot floor, fuel tank, trunk floor, inner fenders. After that we'll get a new headlining, seat covers and carpets. The body and trim dents straightened and door rust will eventually get done. We aren't sure if we'll get a full respray a different color (possibly a grey) but the wheels will be red and my Son has demanded some white walls so Atlas rings will be put on. Doing this on a real shoestring budget so my two children and I can cruise around, do a few shows. Luckily a few mates of mine own US cars Caddy Coupe deVille, a 1949 Buick Roadmaster which is stunning, Pick-Ups etc I also have a 1942 WLA in the shed. Being based in the UK it often proves difficult and very expensive for parts, so would gladly accept any parts donations and I'll always pay for postage ;) Really looking forward to getting her on the road very soon, cheers Kit   







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Welcome to the Forum.
You'll find a lot of very useful information, and some amazingly helpful people on here.
As a 'new' UK owner, I hope you'll be able to join us at The P-15 Picnic in September, and come along to The Pilgrimage in April.
PM me with your email address and I'll add you to our circular news list.
Also, if you're on facebook we have a page for UK owners, so please join us here.
All the best,


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7 hours ago, Frank Elder said:

Don't you have to change the head lights too? So the beams orient differently? Or did some w#nker pull my leg...lol


That's correct, Frank.
UK headlights should to dip to the left.

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Frank......we have to do the same here in Oz.........andyd

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