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1938 Dodge RC Pickup Build

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Anyone have a lead on who may manufacture or fabricate a replacement set of running boards for the 1938 Dodge RC Pickup.  The ones we have are in poor condition from wear, abuse, and rust.  Thank you for your interest in the creation of a once in a lifetime project.


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Hi VM49,


I got a pair of running boards for my Dodge Brothers RC from Buckeye Rubber a number of years ago. He has since sold the business to Ram Reproductions in Virginia. They are on the web. I got a pair from them for my 1939 Plymouth touring sedan a few months ago. They fabricated the steel boards and vulcanized the rubber mats on. They're pretty good, I'd rate them as about an 8 out of 10 with 10 being perfect. Good enough for my car.





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Thank you Vermont Pete.  Just the kind of information needed.  Also, a simple search on "1938 Dodge truck running boards" will produce several possibilities, from cheap to expensive.  Looks like the steel boards are about $450 and $400 for the rubber coating.


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Rebuilt hinges with stainless steel pins and brass bushings.  First class!  Thank you Joe!




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Latest update from Mr. Joe Jarvis:  "Set doors on cab with the rebuilt hinges, made sure they fit before we body work them, next step is to seal and body work. Rear fenders are going to need done while bolted on bed. Left rear fender is about half finished. Hoping the motor mounts are done this or next week." 






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What is the best source for a replacement tailgate?  Any experiences?  Recommendations?  Warnings?  Thank you.


Tom Anderson






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You might look at DCM classics.

I got my replacement tailgate there. My only association with DCM is with my credit card on several occasions.  🙂

I’m totally satisfied with their products. 



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Photo of fabricated motor mounts.  Latest progress photos on the doors.




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Rear Fender Body Work









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Bed Before Body Work





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That is nice progress. I was looking at your bed and rear fenders. They look just like my ‘36. Is ‘36-‘38 the same?Did a couple guys just lift the bed off?  Just curious. I’m crawling underneath spraying blaster on the bolts now. RH


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1936 to 1938 are basically the same with minor trim details.




Should be able to lift the bed with two young people.


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You gotta do what you gotta do.










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Joe Jarvis reports completion of the fender and bed metal work for now.  Bed is ready for sand blasting.  We are not planning on getting the bed floor to pristine condition.  Want to see the bumps and bruises from 83 years of use, but do plan on covering the bed floor with bed liner for durability and sealing.


Purchased a 1969 Dodge Charger Posi-Traction Rear End, since it would be too difficult to use the 2014 Charger Rear End.  Before we pre-assemble the rear fenders and bed, we will complete the assembly and fabrication of the rear suspension and drive line.  Looking forward to pre-assembly of the body, chassis, engine, and drive line.  Need to get an updated video on the build.


B.T.W.  Joe Jarvis also reports the re-manufactured tailgate received from DCM Classics is very nice.  The tailgate and hinges cost $590 delivered.






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It is very embarrassing to admit when I make a mistake.  Here's my free advice to anyone.  Never start a project after the age of 70.  Started the rebuild over 2 years ago.  I'll turn 73 shortly and probably never see the '38 finished.


As you can see, the last reported work be Joe Javis was the end of March last year.  We heard he had gone to Alaska for the summer.   Last fall we tried for months to contact him. Last winter we heard he fell off a roof and was seriously injured. 


Surprisingly, we finally contacted him at the end of March this year.  We have waited several months to see if he will recover from the October fall of his neighbor's roof.  Apparently, he has no plans to continue work on the truck, has no one to recommend to finish the truck, and has no money to compensate us for not finishing the job.  We are left with a half-finished project, and over $40,000 invested.


Oh, what a stupid I am.

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Ahhh… that explains the radio silence on this thread. Sorry to hear about the troubles with your project. If it were me, I’d collect the parts from the shop then determine what still needs to be completed.  Formulate a plan and move forward. 
the only time it is to late is when we’re looking up at the daisies. 

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Too old to do the work myself any more. Been busy working on a cure for cancer  the past two years.  Haven't located another shop to finish the truck.  Can anyone recommend one.  We're located in Western Colorado.   Thank you for the response. 

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Finally, some activity to report from Joe Jarvis.  He has come up with a plan to get help finishing the project.  Working on installing the new running gear to be able to transport the project to another person to finish.  Anxiously awaiting to see progress.  Recent photos follow:







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Check out my newly refinished 1974 W100.  Thank you for watching. 

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