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My Traditionally inspired ‘40 Chrysler


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It’s Alive!!!    Finished up the linkage, and buttoned up several other small pieces.   She’s a bit loud.  But will see where that ends up.  Maybe some porters.  Has a bit more pep.   Super stoked.  Lots of thanks to @Kellkustom.   Did a lot of the work for me.








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I'd say way too load...hard on my ears...😖

Sounds great running wise!

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I kinda like the sound...Personally, much preferred to the sound of the "tuner cars" that are popular with the younger,drifting cowboys these days .😉

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On 3/30/2020 at 6:09 AM, ThriftyT said:

Finished the exhaust today.  Turned out great thanks to the help of my buddy at Kell Kustom.  Started on the carb linkage.  Should be running in 2 days.   Seriously cannot wait.









I like your exhaust setup and plan on doing something similar to mine.  Are the pipes flush with the lower X section of the frame or do the pipes sit lower? Reason Im asking is that my car, when airbags deflated, will sit on the frames X section and wondering if the pipes will fit without hitting the floor.

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7 hours ago, The Oil Soup said:

Car is looking sweet! Does anyone repop those '35 ford air filters?

Thanks.   I don’t believe so.  They are not stock.  I did quite a bit of modifying to them.   I actually want to find another good one, the 1st one is in tough shape.  The face was crushed a bit.  Got most of it out, but it’s rough looking. 

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