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Drive shaft removal

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I am trying to remove the drive shaft from the rear differential and cannot figure out how it comes off. I did a search on the forum and did not find anything the clarified what I need to do. Any suggestions? I need to do some work on the differential and have to get the shaft off. 






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This is from the Service Manual.

Basically, as shown in your picture, hammer down at the end of the drive shaft so that the u-joint cup on the bottom gets pushed out of the yolk. Then carefully slide the u-joint cross back into the upper cup and reverse the hammer force to drive the upper bearing cup out of the yolk. Now you should be able to remove the u-joint from the yolk.



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I usually try to focus my hammer blows to the cast yolk or weld area. I agree that you need to keep away from the main tube with a hammer. I also like to use a soft face dead blow when possible, but sometimes it doesn't have the persuasion power needed.

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A slight variation on this that I did was with everything still on my '48, I put the Marvel Mystery Oil on the cups and gave each yoke ear a few raps with a deadblow hammer, a few days later I rotated the driveshaft 90° and re-oiled, repeated til I went all the way around as this truck had sat for decades.  I then used an old socket as a drift on the cups to break them loose first with a 5# hammer, the socket was just slightly smaller than the cup OD.  I worked the cups until they would move in about 1/8", then re-oiled, waited an hour, rotated 180° to work it back into the yoke 1/8" to re-oil, then after another hour, I started with the dead-blow hammer on the driveshaft yoke as described above...with cups and yoke bores cleaned up, and extra grease packed into the cups to keep the needle bearings from flopping out, I was able to press the cups back into place with a big C-clamp  :cool:

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