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The door panels in my truck are kind of crappy. It is a cardboard with dark surface and no covering of any kind. Does anyone have a picture they can post of the locations and appearance of the stock screws and clips? I want to make sure when it goes back together it is done as was originally done. A picture would help greatly.


Edit: Been scouring the web for pictures and I've found a number with pretty good detail. I see there are just a couple screws at the top of the hinge side, and one at the top of the open side. There are two clip pins at the bottom of the hinge side, and another four along the bottom edge. Other than that it is just retained by the "lip" on the door you slide the top and rear under.

I'm going to get some thin foam and a vinyl covering probably and redo mine. I'll take some pictures along the way.


Another option that looks attractive is the go to Vic's Garage and get a full interior kit. The rest of my interior is done with the same type of kit, and the quality stinks. I'm going to ask for some details on Vic's kits, which are $300 for the whole cab, top sides and rear. If they are nice I think that's a bargain. Kit's include the fasteners and detailed instructions.

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Found the details on retaining the panels

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On 10/2/2019 at 8:13 AM, Brent B3B said:

Lostviking you may have seen this already but here is one of mine


Did you go with the Vic's kits? And if you did are the panels just cardboard?


Keeping my truck original is one thing, but even if bare cardboard was the stock setup I don't like it. If the Vic's kits are just the same as I've got, I'm going to make my own.

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I did find some pics of my doors before disassembly, showing the original cardboard door card installation.







I got my interior from Quiet Ride Solutions. https://www.quietride.com/index.html

I've been very happy with it since completion. It is made from ABS plastic that can be painted, with the proper paint.

I went through some struggles during the install process that I have documented on this forum.


I didn't use the push button fasteners with the new one, just new stainless screws with trim washers.





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