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Age 80, a new normal

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I’m there, 81 in September so best to say some thankyous.

(1) Names very difficult but Plymouthy Adams, Tim Estrada, Casper 50, Bob Riding quickly emerge. 

(2) Quick, unexpected passing of friends and relatives. Lost two, one with a six month illness, the other a 60 day illness. 

(3) personal note: my health seems to be good, only two pills per day, eye sight is fine, no apparent heart or lung problems. But do have a severe hearing loss, I.e., cannot hear without my hearing aid, and now struggling with leg strength

(4) forum gratitude :  when I started 12 years ago did not understand intake vs exhaust manifold, , the three essentials for an engine to run, the difference between an engine and a motor, negative/ positive ground, body vs chassis.  This forum taught me mechanical skills, personal tolerance, better respect for alternate views, religion, politics, and profanity are toxic, the means and value of internet friendships. Few things have been as enjoyable, rewarding, mental expansion as what I have enjoyed this past decade.


So then, my unreserved, heartfelt gratitude to each and all. I trust this post is premature, but better that than never.

Paul Flaming aka pflaming





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I don't make it to this part of the site very often, and just now read your post.  Very well-written, and a kind and appropriate gesture.  I agree, there are some very nice and helpful people in this group.

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Hey Paul,


Congrats on soon approaching another birthday!


I have always appreciated your help/advice to my questions...even the 'dumb' ones 😁


One of my bucket list items has been to meet you in person with our 'classics', grab a bite to eat or a cup-o-joe, and bs for a few hours.  One day, but I will have to tow the '41 since you are 6 hours north of me!

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Hi Paul. Thanks for this post. Just found it by accident. Joined the forum a month or so ago and still navigating my way around. Hope to stay aboard myself for the long haul. Am past 61 now and should have been here earlier. I would have enjoyed the learning and the camaraderie that is evident with this community. There is a lot said about the dark side of the internet and how some people can get caught up in all sorts of dodgy things but this community and people like you are a really great example of how friendship can work. I see a few older folks here and a few young ones too. And a connection between those that have some knowledge and experience that they are willing to share across the board. There is a capacity for tolerance of views, maybe a biting of tongues on the odd occasion and a fair bit of humor to boot. I am a dairy farmer and come from the bottom of the world in New Zealand. Yet I share the values that many of you long time members exemplify. As I look around and learn about a few of the characters here I hope I can contribute too. My project car started with buying my grandfather's 1938 D9 Dodge in 1982 when he stopped driving. Marriage, family,  farming and all the stuff that goes with this put my car on the back burner many times over the years. I had a pipe dream once that I would like to bring my car over to the States one day and drive around and call on all the people and businesses that have been of assistance to me in getting my car back on the road. Time marches on though and the world is a pretty chaotic place with the covid problem not likely to go away for a while yet so maybe it will stay just a crazy dream. In the meantime I hope to be on the road soon enjoying the fruits of a long, often interrupted rebuild. Perhaps this forum will end up being how I can do that road trip. Anyway, I just felt I should reach out and say gidday. Best wishes to you and your family.

Wintertime .jpg

June 2020.jpg

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