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47 Chrysler - stainless trim...help!

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On ‎5‎/‎13‎/‎2020 at 6:36 AM, christianad1156 said:

Interesting about mustache trim piece.  The piece is stainless steel right?  Are those clips behind it that attached to the trim piece an hold the studs in place?  I will eventually have to take mine apart and I'm assuming the back of it will not be in great shape.  Looks like your car is in original shape.  I'd love to see more pictures of everything if you have them posted somewhere.  Or else maybe we you and PM me.  Those lens should be available, I have few places you can try.  If your still in need message me and I'll give you some phone numbers.  

I'm 99% sure that mustache is stainless steel and not plated steel FYI.  Look at the inside photo with the pine needles, you can tell by the inside surface it's just stamped SS.  Not sure where Dodgeb4ya is getting his info.

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Yes.....my 47 Plymouth convertible has either two or three stud type clips at the very rear end of the belt molding.  I think it is just to hold it securely as there is a

slight curvature in that area.        The front fender trim does use a clip with the stud offset to the top......to position the trim in the right place.  I think my 

son in law used a bunch of those newer style trim clips where you break them off to achieve the desired length.  No one will see them except whomever next

needs to remove the trim.   At least some styles of clips are offered on eBay....just more expensive than in years gone by.   


The clips for the hood center trim look like this......100_4266.jpg

the left one is broken....the right one is new,,,,,bought from some vendor on eBay.  They tend to break when they get old because you have to bend that center tang to a 90 degree angle to secure it to the hood....then un=bend it to remove the trim after it gets old and brittle.

And...this is a front fender trim with the offset style clips....studs go to the top edge.




Even if you ultimately use different, more modern clips - you need to make note of where and how many originals were used.

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The front hood trim is plated steel on all 1946 to 48 Chryslers I've seen and worked on.

The back side of most are rusty and some even pitted.


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I just spent an hour digging through my NOS chrome...

I found a new mustache hood piece...

It's plated brass!🤥

It came from Modesto CA.....the chrome is peeling off the edges

Some aftermarket MoPar and even some OE sill and rocker mouldings where plated stainless or other type of metal and where not very good quality.



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Wow Dodgeb4ya, you have the exact opposite of mine!  Your mounting clips are in great shape and no rust, my mounting clips are rotted.  Your chrome is peeling and my chrome is in such great shape, even the inside that I thought is must be stainless like the body trim.  If we combined the two we could have one great looking mustache!  Haha.  I'd love to replace my clips with new ones but I'm afraid of ruining the piece trying to get them out.  I may just try to lightly blast them to get the rust off and hit them with rust converter and paint to stabilize them.  I broke off one of the studs but I'm sure it will stay in place with just 3.  Hope so!




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I've always kinda hated working on those mustache hood pieces...plating them...later straigthening them ...

Was always a challenge....but now I have a new one I found to get plated.. 


Somewhere I have a funky used steel plated one...I need to find that now....

Yes the studs can be replaced...clip part too....would need to be tigged before plating..




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