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That's a cute little radio set up...I like it!

Never seen one.

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After market?


Any brand name on it?


Very interesting!

Where is Schultz? You could pry it out of him for a doughnut! Or should it be a schnitzel?


Looks good there! Does it happen to operate?



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Not seeing my answers to DJ194950 posted on here, so I will post again. 


I believe it is an aftermarket radio due to a post on another forum. The person said it was made for a mid 50's Ford truck. I was able to Google and see some similar, and a couple on eBay at that time, but none of the "EightEighty" (brand name) brand. Living on a dairy farm in my teens, I have rode in several old trucks, Fords and Dodges, and I don't recall ever seeing one like this.


And yes, it still operates. When I purchased this truck a couple years age, my wife was chomping at the bits to take it for a drive. When we went out I turned it on as the seller said the radio still worked. But nothing! And about 20 seconds later it started blasting. It had been 38 years since I had drove a vehicle of this age, and I forgot it takes a while for the tubes to warm up. It was a pleasant surprise! It also has a large speaker mounted  underneath the dash on the drivers side. Due to the placement and fit, it looks to have been made with the truck.


I really hate all of this Covid crap because all of the shows and cruse ins have been cancelled. 

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