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1957 Dodge D100 - rim size for a spare tire

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I want to have a spare tire for my truck. I am going to get a universal mount and mount the spare in the bed. Right now I am using P275/60 R15 tires on all 4 wheels.


After taking a tire off, I am not seeing any rim markings on the inside portion of the wheel. I assumed that was where I would see the markings.  Or are the markings really on the portion of the wheel that the tire sits on?


I planned to get a used wheel.  Do I need to be super concerned about offset since this will just be a spare?  And can I just get a 5 bolt 15 inch dodge wheel? 


My OEM manual is not helpful in terms of rim specifications. Any input would be helpful.





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Your spare tire should be used to get your vehicle rolling safely until your damaged tire is repaired or replaced.  That means its performance should be close to the performance of the remaining tires in use so that ride, handling, braking and steering are unaffected.  Your rim should have the same bolt holes, hub opening, offset, bead diameter and width so that it can fit on any corner of the chassis;  the tire width and diameter should also be very close to the other tires being used as well.  Any deviation from this will affect the 4 modes of performance listed, which can adversely affect vehicle stability in an emergency maneuver... this instability can lead to loss of control.  I have driven vehicles that had mismatched tires and rims, and they were a handful of unpleasant surprises...especially during cornering and braking, where the vehicles seemed to have minds of their own...that greatly increases the pucker factor while motoring along to the next destination 😕

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