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Empi Dune Buggies


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I found this on the web. I did not haul it on my truck, too bulky and too heavy. I returned with a trailer. I note that was four years ago. Proof that the gestation period of hobby cars is indeterminable. 

Current status, nearly ready to drive.



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Oh, I hate to do this, but I just can’t support this delusion.  It is so much easier to fool someone than it is to convince them that they have been lied to.


Paul, this is not an EMPI.

This is the consensus when I posted up your car on the Volkswagen buggy forum.


Not an EMPI.

Never was.

Virtually worthless.


You think you can make a profit on this car, but it is because you have no concept of how much work it still needs.


I tried to start writing a list of everything it needs to be roadworthy but it’s just so long no one will bother reading it.

In my opinion, and probably the opinion of everyone knowledgeable on this forum, you should be working on the Plymouth and Dodge, which were vehicles engineered by people that really knew what they were doing. The best engineers in the business built those vehicles.


You are Wasting the last years of your life, working on a car built by a total hack who couldn’t weld worth **** or even afford a tubing bender.


If you think it’s somehow fun, well that’s your business. As an engineer, you must understand how I feel.



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I just came upon the above post. This will not be sold by me, it will be my fun car. I have a tow bar so i can take it to the dunes, mild off road trails, etc.  I do have a bit of time into it, but not much money.  Not much difference in this and a plastics kit car, both have their place. Will post again when I drive it out of the shop.  Chow!

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Sorry, but I agree with Ulu. 

Said it before and will say it again. Sell everything for what you can get except the truck which is your true love. Change motors and get it back on the road. How many years of the BBQ are left?

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I yield to the advice of my friends. Will get all just saleable and sell..  Yes, the truck is special. I’m finiding it to be harder to get out to the shop, the interest in nuts, bolts and grease has suddenly diminished.  It is invaluable to have honest friends. Thanks. 

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