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wally’s 1948 B1FA-152 thread


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ended up collecting 250 gallons of sap today, and got started boiling.  first, had to take down a tree that broke and was hanging over the driveway...fortunately, i had the correct tool for the job...







then it was time to go collect the sap..first stop - a 55 gallon barrel with a small number of taps feeding it - about 30 gallons today








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5 minutes ago, 47 dodge 1.5 ton said:

How many taps per tree, 3? 


generally, only 1 or 2.  there are about 5 trees in the orchard with 3 taps.  the rest are split pretty evenly between 1 or 2 taps.  somewhere around 110 to 125 taps right now.


i had another orchard that ran about the same number, but i haven't tapped it for about 5 years.

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17 hours ago, RobertKB said:

Thanks for letting us ride along! 😊

Hey Robert, I rode along after you did.... you got sap all over the seat and the door handles! What the heck? 

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got around to loading some of the hemlock logs that i felled over the winter (hazard trees near my house and shed).  got them onto the dodge via a chain and the '52 8N.


first trip was a load of 8' logs:



took a bit to load them, as the two at each end were very heavy.  the pictures are actually at the destination, a friend's portable mill.  already removed the chains and binders.  unloading was much faster.....i raised the dump body, and off they went...


next load is still in my yard, on the truck, ready to go:



i'll deliver these two (10-footers) this week.

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It's great to see you work that truck.

I used to use my 2-1/2 tonner almost every week driving hauling all over Seattle back in the 70's/ 80's...

My 4 tonner not as much but plenty in the late 80's/90's...it kinda replaced the other truck.

Now it is just mostly a drive it in the farming valley for fun these days.

Appreciate your pictures of working your truck🙂

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rob - i enjoy every trip i make with the truck.  like you, i bought it to use it.  i enjoy reading about your experiences with the medium and big trucks, as well as seeing the pictures.  your 4-tonner is gorgeous.  i've never seen one out here in new england in person.



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added a new wilson mfg starter.  the old starter was fine, but it was too long to allow use of the full-flow oil filter assembly that came with my 251 engine.  the wilson starter is ostensibly a replica of the mch6106 prestolite starter.  it fits just fine in the b-series trucks; the bendix lever aligns just fine with the foot pedal starter shaft.


the starter is probably different from oem.  i already voided my warranty, because i wanted to see what the inside looked like.  this one uses helical cut grooves at the end of the starter shaft for the bendix assembly to ride on, whereas the original (at least for my long-nose version) uses straight cut grooves.  the lever shoes inside are probably cheaper, too.  the original brass ones were perhaps 5 times larger than the new ones (i should have taken a picture to show exactly what i'm describing).  bottom line - it works, and allows me to use the full-flow oil filter.







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