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Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and starting my 1950 Dodge pilothouse 1/2 ton truck pro-touring project.  I am  Starting my 1950 B series truck build and as I stated It will be a pro touring/ Daily Driver that will be set up on a cut down 1991 Dodge 1/2 ton extended Cab frame. The chassis being 1991 will give me relatively modern running gear powered by a 318 / automatic.  Found my truck body on Craigslist whom did not tell me that the truck side bed panels had been cut! They had been cut (for whatever reason) down in front of the rear fender not only losing that section of the factory bed but also losing the flange that bolts to the inside panel that sits behind the cab. Please read on

 I have found the specs on the pilothouse truck and it said that the factory wheelbase was either 108 or 116 inches. Measuring from the centerline of the rear fender opening to the back of the factory side bed panel it measures out to be 53 inches. Correct me if I am wrong But I thought I had read where they built a few rare 8 1/2 foot beds for this truck line? ( Help me out fellas)  Anyway I am not putting the saw-z-all to nothing before having the correct information. Yes I know most of these trucks were a short bed (6 1/2 foot bed).  In the process of trying to get a wheelbase measurement I am laying everything out on concrete. After setting the cab down on blocks, pushing the front end up to the cab and getting the 1/8 gap, laying the running board down and positioning it to where it bolts to the back of the fender (Factory Battery box lines up in cab opening) and butting the rear fender up to the back of the running board I come up with 124 -3/4 inch wheelbase............... I know this sounds crazy ......but again based off measurement from the center line of the rear fender opening to back of the bed (where the tailgate would make contact with bed when in the up position --Back stake pocket) I come up with my 124-3/4  wheelbase measurement. Please chime in Thanks Texas Red             


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