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Hello from the UK - ‘54 Dodge Suburban

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Had some problems logging in to my account and realised this thread was in need of an update.... Nothing major done, just some tinkering and tweaking. Sorted a few little niggles and have been en

A small update - spent a few evenings over the last few weeks repairing the steering wheel. Unfortunately it was in rough shape as the sun had got to the plastic and it was brittle and cracked. In som

Sorted my running issues out so took advantage of a break in the thunderstorms to go for a drive....

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After nearly a year, time for a thread update. Life gets in the way sometimes....


Following on from my last post, I managed to find the hens teeth plate surround at a yard in California - it was in good shape and matches the bumper perfectly. 

I finished the interior, with the carpet being the last piece of the puzzle. I’m pleased with how it’s turned out. 




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Ron............nice work on the interior.........I understand the patina thing but for me theres a bit much, the old girl would really pop with a new coat of jam...........lol...........but its just great to see another Mopar getting some well deserved attention.............regards from the colonies.......Andy Douglas   

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Thanks for the kind words. It’s definitely not a wrap!

I see where you’re coming from Andy - the patina isn’t for everyone. I’ve had show/magazine featured cars before and was always worried about driving them. This is the opposite. It’s so liberating not to worry about knocking it etc. I can enjoy driving it. Also, the paint has lasted 65 years - it’d be a shame to cover it now. 

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pflaming - the rear seat is original, the front I had retrimmed by a local guy who does great work. It took a while to find fabric that was a very close match. 



Robin - that sounds good. Whereabouts are you?

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I'm in West London.
Check out our facbeook page at www.facebook.com/4648PDDCUK - we set it up for 46-48 cars but there are plenty of other flathead owners on there from the UK and overseas. You'll be welcome.
We also get together one a year, in September (at The P-15 Picnic). Drop me a an email and I'll send details to you.

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Good to see your progress, look forward to seeing it on the road, I'll add my vote to leaving the paint as is.

I can highly recommend Robins P15 picnic.


Thanks for posting.


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Thanks for the kind words Worden. I’m pleased with how it’s looking. 2” blocks in the rear and Aerostar front springs. I didn’t want to go too low so as to make it undriveable. 

This weekend I hope to go through the brakes and then it’s just a few little things to button up before I can get it on the road. 

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