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Chain case cover plate gasket

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When I got the gasket set for the timing cover it includes a gasket for the chain case cover plate for my 53 Dodge 218.  I am wondering, do I have to remove the timing chain to remove the chain case cover plate?  Any tips on replacing this gasket?  This service manual doesn't talk about how to remove this cover plate although it was helpful in removing the timing cover itself.

Thanks for any help and experience!


Timing chain.gif

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The oil pan has to come off to remove the engine mount plate as there is a bolt that goes in from behind.  This bolt goes through the aluminum oil pan plate that bolts to the bottom of the block in front of the front main bearing cap and actually threads into the motor mount plate. Before you remove this plate, mark the bolts still holding the plate after the timing chain cover is removed. The cam timing gear has to come off too. Don't forget to remove the flat head screw next to the locating dowel pin. While the motor mount plate is off, replace the core plug behind it in the block. To re-assemble, I would glue the plate gasket to the plate first with Copper Coat, or gasket sealer so it's firmly attached, then apply sealer to the block side of the gasket.  I'd put some extra silicone around the bottom where the motor mount plate bolts to the oil pan gasket plate. As I remember, there a three bolts that enter the water jacket so teflon tape these threads. I'd would take pictures at each step of the dis-assemblly and keep notes just to avoid aggravation. It's not really bad at all.






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