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Appomatox - Chrysler 300's

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We were on a trip to Virginia over the weekend and pulled into Appomatox Court House and were pleasantly surprised to see the Chrysler 300 group had included it on their itinerary.  There were 300's all the way from 1955 through the late 60's represented.  If only I could afford it I would love to take possession of one of those beautiful cars.   I like all of them but am particularly fond of the 1956 and 1960.  (I owned a 1960 Windsor 15 year ago.) They had a gorgeous day to take their old cars out for a drive in the Virginia countryside. :)

My 1950 Wayfarer is sold and will be making it's way to France soon.  I have mixed feelings about selling but am happy it is going to a couple who really wanted a Wayfarer like mine.

Chrysler 300 1960.jpg

Chrysler 300 Appomatox.jpg

Chrysler 300 1956.jpg

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  Those are beautiful cars. Thanks for sharing. I once owned a 62 300, factory

stick on the floor. Pretty unusual. Paid $1,000 for it at a Chrysler dealer used

car lot. Guess how old that makes me!   

  Appomatox, Va. gorgeous scenery. Hooray stars & bars!

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A friend's dad owned a green 300, just like the green one in the pic.  I'm wanting to think it was a '70 model that's just a guess though. It had a 440 with well aged exhaust. It had a nice rumble to it, wasn't too loud just a good sound. It was a nice car but in '85 it was starting to show it's age a bit.  We didn't live far from school but I would con him into taking it out on the 4 lane before school some mornings. It could easily bury the speedo needle deep.  We embarrassed several of  "The Muscle cars " and  had a lot of fun in it needless to say I have an appreciation for that model.

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