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I’m 68, but got into this old car hobby a long time ago in my early teens while working alongside my cousin on my uncle’s farm during summer “vacations”.  My cousin was into old cars and gave me a ‘40 Plymouth Road King.  Well, with one thing and another, and a serious lack of cash at the time, I ended giving that car to another cousin of ours, while vowing to have another one some time down the road.  That time finally arrived about five years ago when a friend of my brother’s sold me his original survivor ‘50 Plymouth Deluxe with 38000 original miles on it for a really good price and I’ve been driving and enjoying (with occasional minor wrenching) this car ever since!   I certainly enjoy this forum very much and everyone is so very helpful.  The thing I like best is that you usually get several replies to inquiries and therefore several different opinions from different people (sometimes from all over the world), all trying to solve the same question or problem.

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I'm sneakin up on 80.  Best part is sharing with Grandkids who were in town for the party.  They all drove the car. First Mo-power was a Chrysler Hemi in my 35 Ford about 1958.  First all Mopar M

My cousin gave me a 52 Concord 2 door when I was 14, didn't run had lots of rust and the exhaust was rotted off from under the seat back.  But it was all there, my next door friend and I got it runnin

Physically I'm 65. Mentally, 18-19 (my wife would agree). Been a carnut since grade school. Kept me out of trouble. Could've been worse.

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Yeah, but if this thread keeps popping up I'll have to change my demographic after a while (as will everyone else :P).  By the way, thanks, like I really needed the reminder that I have another year under my belt - If I live to be 100, I'm over half dead... 

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21 hours ago, 50 coupe said:

I am a young and sexy 58. At least that's what the guy in the mirror keeps telling me.

There's prolly some young chick out there that will heartily agree, but it'll cost ya..lol

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This thread has some serious holding power. Probably lasted longer than some marriages. 


It keeps re-appearing. I do enjoy it. The age chart tells the a real story. All about what is going on with the vintage car market. Sad but true. 


Which is also why this forum is among my top internet sites. Classy, respectful, knowledgeable, helpful, mature, folks are all here. Giving out great free advice. Thank you! Much appreciated. I’ll be paying it forward too. 

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I'm 46, 

My first car was a Mopar and I've owned about 20 more, mostly muscle cars. My outlook is that all of us are keeping the classic cars and trucks alive for future motor heads.

That's a great thing for a world that is steering away from combustion engines. I hope future generations think about our contribution.🌎

Me & Plymouth.jpg

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Well back in the late 60,s they passed that around at the music concerts- I think?  🙄

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A hashtag is used to "tag" a post with different terms in order to aid when people are searching for a specific combination of words. 


"a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media websites and applications, especially Twitter, to identify messages on a specific topic."

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