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Me and the Meadowbrook


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2 hours ago, DonaldSmith said:

The ammeter reads negative when the motor is revving?  Sounds like the wires are switched.   

That's what I thought. But nobody has touched the car. I know for a fact my brother didn't.  That's why I'm so baffled.

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Corrosion and such in the charging system from the car sitting outdoors (especially over the winter) will do that too, and if the battery was hooked up while the car sat and the battery died, that doesn't help.

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My 3 year old wanted to sit in the Meadowbrook and try it out.  She rolled the window down, put on a seat belt, tried a bunch of controls and whipped the steering wheel back and forth (which I remember doing at that age).  She wanted to know what each guage/control was.  But she specifically told me NOT to start the engine!





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So it was cruise night at Lakeview Drive-in here in Winona.  My daughter works there so it was extra fun.  A lot of cool cars showed up.  Quite a few people looked at my car.  After we ate I walked to the car to grab my younger daughter's jacket, only to be confronted by a gal in her 20s that really liked my car.  She asked all kinds of questions and I answered them all.  I'm always surprised at who might be interested in my car.  









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Me, my son, and my oldest daughter went on about a 2 hour cruise tonight.  Just around town.  Beautiful weather!  Windows down, cowl vent open.  Lots of stares, waves, and thumbs up.  We stopped at Kwik Trip for snacks 3 times lol.

It was just a great night.  For a little while I forgot about gas prices 🌝


First 2 pics: two different Kwik Trips. Not sure why my son had to show you his Hershey's Bar.


Final pic: safe at home





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On 6/11/2022 at 8:49 AM, oldodge41 said:

Still have the Rambler too? Always enjoy your posts.

I sold the Rambler to a friend of mine, so it's not gone forever.  He has garage space and will take care of it.

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Posted (edited)


Parked downtown on third street here in Winona for the Steamboat Days show.  Made a lap on foot before I parked my butt in a lawn chair behind my car on the shady side of the street.  

Some of my favorites (not in order of course)

- Model A

- Gremlin

- '70 Super Bee

- inside of a Chevy Van

- 1930 Caddy

- 1926 Packard hood ornament

A lot of people poked their heads inside my car.  It was a great day!

Last pic is after the show I drove further downtown to park for the fair.  Hung out with my kids and my brother and sister and their kids.
















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It was 35 degrees over here the morning of the summer solstice.  Which is actually not unusual but folks seem to have a short memory about such things.  I haven't needed to drive a car with two fingers since we moved to Maine...unless we were visiting someone in the southwest.

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Picked up my daughter from work about 8pm.  She wanted McDonalds so to the drive-thru we went.  2 bikers were behind me downtown and gave me the thumbs up when I turned off.  We cruised while we ate.  It's a nice cool evening so no hot steering wheel.  Picture is just after we got home.


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July 30:

Been waiting for my generator to get fixed.  The shop is so backed up its been a couple of weeks.  My amp guage has been pointing to discharge.  Killed the battery.  Today there's a car show about 30 miles away that I wanted to attend.  So I removed the generator from the B1C and put that in.  Still discharging.  A friend said I need to repolarize the generator.  With his instructions I touched a wire from the armature to battery on the voltage regulator.  Good spark.  Same discharge.  VR must be bad.  Stole the one from my truck and sure enough it worked!  Good to go for the show today.  

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So today was the Engelhardt Performance car show near Rushford, MN.  It's always fun because they have a mini drag strip, the show is free, and they feed everyone for free.  Pulled pork, baked beans, potato salad, macaroni salad, watermelon and cookies for desert.  This year was the largest attendance that I had seen.  Here's a pic before we left, and once we were there.  I didn't get a panoramic picture taken, but the show was definitely dominated by Mopars, which was strange and awesome to see!



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This '54 Chevy had the original paint.  But it had a six cylinder from a late 70s van, and an automatic.  The owner said the original engine was locked up.  He said he bought the fender skirts on eBay...which were an amazing patina match!  He didn't even touch them.  Just bolted them on.


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Out for a cruise with the kids. We haven't been out much in the last month and a half with the Meadowbrook. We stopped for snacks at QuikTrip and on the way out a gentleman asked me what year the car was.  He said his dad bought one just like mine in 1951 brand new, but in Illinois where he used to live. It was gray in color.  He was super shocked to see my car, and was very happy that it was all original and that I drive it. Once again I always meet somebody at the gas station with a good story, and he appreciated mine too. He said his dad eventually traded the Meadowbrook for a Nash!


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