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Grease fitting question

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I have a 41 plymouth and am having problems replacing the grease fittings.  I cant find any that will screw all the way in.  I have some that will go part of the way and tighten down but i dont know if that is good enough.  Question is, do i have to get a special fitting or just deal with them sticking out a bit? I am trying to use 3/8 NPT fittings by the way.

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My opinion-

If they go in straight two plus turns and tighten and do not leak grease when they are lubed- you are good to go.

They never (almost) tighten down to a flush fit. If one does I would be suspicious of if leaking grease out when lubed.



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More likely 1/8 " pipe fittings, 3/8" wrench.  if so, those are a tapered thread and should not bottom out.  !/4 by 28 fittings will go to the ends of the threads and /or will bottom out against the hex part. of the fitting.

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Speaking of grease...

I was wondering if after 25 years since my last grease job, has the grease gotten so bad or hard that I need to tear everything apart or can I just cram more grease into the fittings?

I don’t want to drive far in case of extreme  wear potential.

Also: I wonder if “modern” grease (one type for all fittings) is ok to use? Service Manuel has many varieties (of weight?) of grease mentioned for different grease points.

I just want to move forward and not cause damage?



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