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Pilot House B series part manual


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     Seal, Pinion, Differential:  Mopar 1271105

  • Chicago Rawhide 18924
  • National 6017


     Radiator Cap (2-11/16"):  Mopar 776379

     Radiator Cap (2-1/4"):   Mopar 795519

     Thermostat (180°F, ext.bypass):  Mopar 1124989

     Thermostat (180°F, int.bypass):  Mopar 852780

     Thermostat Gasket:  Mopar 50082

     Water Pump (external and internal t-stat bypass)


     Oil Filter* (sock type):  Mopar 676575, 1504092

     Oil Filter Cover Gasket (for Mopar 1265706 or 1503494 filter assembly):  Mopar 685625

     Welch Plugs (1-5/8")


     Bumper, Hood (B-1, B-2, COE):  Mopar 846797, 985563

     Bumper, Hood (B-3, B-4):  Mopar 995066


     Universal Joint:  Mopar 1321115

     Universal Joint U-Bolt:  Mopar 1122683


     Shock Absorber* (front):  1243637, 1315411, 1311188

    Shock Absorber (front):  1450066

     Shock Absorber (rear):  1243639, 1326074, 1450060

     Shock Absorber (rear):  1450065

     Shock Absorber (front & rear):  1321268, 1450059, 1450060

     Seal, Shaft, Steering Gear:  Mopar 1138282

     Seal, Pinion, Speedometer:  Mopar 1134949

     Seal, Output Shaft:  Mopar 600420

     SKF Speedi-Sleeve for Output Yoke

     Seal, Output Shaft:  Mopar 593596

  • National 450308
  • Chicago Rawhide 21210


     Lug Bolt, Left:

          Mopar 856981     BWP M-226

     Lug Bolt, Right:

          Mopar 393984     BWP M-225

     Lug Stud, Left:

          Mopar 913849     BWP M-1271 [requires heavy modification]

          Mopar 1273555   BWP M-93

     Lug Stud, Right: 

          Mopar 913848     BWP M-1172 [requires light modification], BWP M-1270 [requires heavy modification]

          Mopar 1273554   BWP M-92

     Lug Nut, Left: 

          Mopar 913813     BWP M-257Dorman 611-059

          Mopar 1273557   BWP M-249

     Lug Nut, Right: 

          Mopar 913812     BWP M-256Dorman 611-053

          Mopar 1273556   BWP M-248

     Wheel Bearing, Front Inner

        Mopar 698395     Bower 14125A

     Wheel Bearing, Front Outer

        Mopar 698389     Bower 09074

     Bearing Cup, Front Inner

          Mopar 698394     Bower 14276

     Bearing Cup, Front Outer

        Mopar 698388     Bower 09194

     Seal, Front Inner

          Mopar 668479     SKF 17145, National 5836

     Cap, Front Wheel Grease
          Mopar 600183     NAPA 730-2409


     Windshield Wipers


additional information - 1-ton stud/nut comparison

additional information - Dodge Power Wagon Interchange
additional information - Dodge Power Wagon Master Parts Interchange

additional information - heater fan motor and flow control valve upgrades

additional information - flathead alternative head bolts

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added alternative head bolts
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Pages from Dodge Truck B Series Loose Leaf Parts List Service Pages 23-1 through 23-4 attached.



Pages from Dodge Truck B Series Loose Leaf Parts List Service Pages 23-1 through 23-4.pdf

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How do you convert the 2 grouping part numbers from the parts list into a search able Mopar part number. 


Like I have looked up v belts as '1116 207' in the book. But what do I search the internet for? Same with like brake parts and so on.

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Mopar probably put a space in their part numbers to reduce errors in looking up replacement parts, breaking up the 6- and 7-digit part numbers into a 4-digit + 3-digit, which really helped when reading back numbers over the phone.  But for the google, use no spaces in part number searches.  Also, searches for part numbers should be done with Mopar, Dodge, and Chrysler, such as Mopar 1116207 or Chrysler 1116207.  This allows for more results, allowing for some price/quality/availability comparisons.


Shopping from out vendors list can yield further results, as they specialize in many of the parts that are in demand.


A side note on the V-belts: I've made stops recently in several area NAPA and O'Reilly stores and was surprised to see they have V-belt measuring tools hanging on the wall near the counter.  So they might actually know how to look up what you need the old fashioned way...or not, I get amazed but not surprised by the lack of counter help I get at auto parts counters these days :rolleyes:

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