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I saved a couple of pages or color chips that I have found . I have 1949 and 1950 saved on my computer. The page of paint choices in the 1950 Dodge color chips I have offered black as a choice for their trucks. It lists Dodge truck dark green, Dodge truck red, Armour yellow, Deep Blue ,Granite Grey and Black. I dont know about 1953 though. In 1949 they did not offer black according to the page of colors I have saved. In 1949 their only offerings were Dark Green, Red, Dark Blue, Armour Yellow and what looks like it might say Waterway Blue. Im not wearing my glasses so its a tad blurry. I hope that this is of some help. I dont know if this is 100% correct info, its just what I know from the 2 or 3 pages of color chips I have saved on my computer.

  Edit : Ok I just looked up the colors for the 1953 Dodge truck and it looks like Black was not offered in 1953. The paint book color chip page I looked at says the 1952 and '53 offerings were the same. The colors listed are on the page I looked at look to be Charlotte Ivory,Dark Green, Dodge red, Deep purple blue (Ritchie Blackmores favorite color ??? ) Judson green, Armour yellow and Ecuador blue. 

       I dont know how definitive this information is. Like I said I am just basing it off of color chips that I found for each year. 


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Black is offered for the B4 series trucks.... the November 1952 "Facts Data Book" shows black as a factory Std color.

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I have a 1952 B3B that was all black from the factory with the ivory wheels.  My grandfather bought the truck when it was 4 years old and I can honestly say the cab and all front sheet metal has only black paint.

A lot of color chip charts didn't include black because black is black ( you would not need a color chip to match the color)


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