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This a 3 sppeed top loader?

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I believe this is where the po of my parts truck gave up. As in, not worth fixing.

Truck is a B1B with 218 flattie, 3 speed on the column linkage. And this is the trans that is in it, but it is missing the rest of the top.

My first thoughts was the scrap pile, but now wonder if it could be a good donor.  I know I will have to check the numbers and learn more about it.

Sometimes, is fun to just get a bad picture and see if you can tell what it is.  :lol:



a 120.jpg

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Looks like it's covered with Mt St Helens ash!

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I have a '49 B1B with a floor shift and if your looking for someplace to send that transmission, I could use it as a spare.  On the other hand,  I think I have the floor shift assembly that would mount to the top of your transmission.  Haven't seen it in years but pretty sure it is tucked away somewhere in my shops.  Will look for it and if I find it and you have a use for it, we can talk.  In either case,  don't scrap what you have.  May be able to part it out for the gear sets.  A few years ago I was on a search for the lower cluster gear to rebuild my current transmission.  Got it done but it wasn't easy finding the part.  Best regards.

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13 hours ago, Dodgeb4ya said:

Looks like it's covered with Mt St Helens ash!

Could be, think were safe that the truck was parked before St Helens blew  :lol:

Thanks For advice squirebill, I will clean it up and then oil it and store it. Someday someone will need it.

I was looking at this photo, and they just look different to me,

But mine has many years of crud on it, maybe cleaned up and would be the same. I assume the small brass gears are the syncros, I just dont see them in my photo.




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Seems the first thing I have learned about these trucks, nothing is as it appears.

I really thought the 1949 B1C in my avatar,  was a stock unmolested truck. Then found out the motor is a 1937, The rear has a 5 on 5 bolt pattern, the front is 5 on 4.5

So to be honest, I have no clue what 3 speed toploader I have in the 49, it could be 37 also.

And  the B1B that this photo above is from, It has 3 on the tree linkage, we know this toploader did not come original. Will have to run the numbers and determine what it is.


And we are not the H.A.M.B., sometimes it is fun to see someone post a bad pic of some off the wall part, In less then 4 min someone post a complete answer of the part make, model and year.

Someone just posted this "what is it photo" while I was writing this. I say it is cool!


Found in New Hampshire.jpg

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On 11/4/2016 at 5:25 PM, Merle Coggins said:

Some of the truck's column shift transmissions were top loaders, but I remember someone trying to put a floor shift cover on one, in place of the linkage shift cover, and it wouldn't match up right.



That's interesting and something will have to keep a eye out for. Maybe it is the original trans after all.

I stopped by there a couple days ago, only had a few min. I crawled under the truck to loo for the numbers. Was dark and to greasy to get the numbers.

Will be over there on Saturday and get them then.


I have a spare top loader i you are looking to buy some parts,  Thanks Mark.

I do not need any parts at this time,  Am more interested in finding out more info on this transmision, and use the info to find a good home for this transmission.

Would be better to post in the classified section of this forum, I am on the west coast and shipping would be a huge cost.

Also have to wonder what year that came from as it does not have the emergency brake.

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Los_Control, that picture is showing the driver side of the transmission..  My question is that from a car or a pickup.  Not sure of the number for a B Pilothouse truck, but I have a parts book FINALLY for my 46 WC.  Pick is a 3 speed in a 41-47 pickup. Might not be the same for a pilothouse.


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Dennis, it is in a 1952 B1B parts truck.

The truck has everything connected, emergency brake, driveline etc ... but it is missing the top of the transmission, and the floor does not have a hole for a shift lever.

This makes me wonder about what Merle has to say.


My first thoughts, transmission went bad, so they were going to put in a toploader, they connected everything but did not put the top cover back on.

Seems like a few holes in that story to me.

Now if the transmission was always in there, gave the owners problems, they took the top off to inspect it and lost interest.

To me that sounds pretty plausible and could explain whats going on with it. If in fact they did have a 3 speed column shift with a toploader case.

uncle2 025.jpg

uncle2 084.jpg

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Yes, I have to agree something was wrong and they left the cover off.  I have no idea what a column shift transmission looks like in a pilothouse. If the transmission you have posted in your first post is a column shift, it is different from my top loader visually in that the 2nd and 3rd sliding sleeve and synchros looks much different than mine.  

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